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Oct 31
Added forthcoming MU-CON 2.
Updated all information on forthcoming Nippon 2007.
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Forthcoming Events

  • This listing contains upcoming SF (science fiction) related events in Japan. Also see Ongoing Events for current open events. Past events moved to Completed Events page (The latest is 2004.)
  • In chronological order. Top is already-started or the nearest future events.
  • Each entry contains: Event title, Date, Location (Site, City, Prefecture), Description, Web sites and email.
  • Many web sites are written in our native Japanese.


UNCON 16 (Sat, Nov 6 - Sun, Nov 7, 2004)
Hostel Reiwun-so, Tamayu-cho, Shimane; Izumo area or Shimane local SF convention.
CONTACT Japan 6 (Sat, Nov 13 - Sun, Nov 14, 2004)
Ayase, Kanagawa; Japanese version of CONTACT. a preceding event in Nov 12.
Kyoto SF Festival 2004 (Sat, Nov 20 - Sun, Nov 21, 2004) [Updated]
Kyoto, Kyoto; Kyoto local SF convention.
SF Christmas 2004 (Sat, Dec 18 - Sun, Dec 19, 2004)
Nippon Seinenkan, Shinjuku, Tokyo; Tokyo local SF convention.
Comic Market 67 (Wed, Dec 29 - Thu, Dec 30, 2004)
Tokyo Big Sight, Koto-ku, Tokyo; Japan biggest comic market.


MU-CON 2 (Fri, Feb 11 - Sat, Feb 12, 2005) [New]
Mikawa Mu Valley, Mikawa-cho, Yamaguchi;
4th Light Novel Festival (Sun, Apr 24, 2005) [Updated]
Nippon Seinenkan, Shinjuku, Tokyo; A new convention for a genre known as Young Adult in English-speaking world. Many Japanese authors publish their SF or fantasy stories.
HAMACON2, the 44th Japan National SF Convention (Sat, Jul 16 - Sun, Jul 17, 2005)
Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Kanagawa;


Michinoku SF Festival ZUNCON, the 45th Japan National SF Convention (Sat, Jul 8 - Sun, Jul 9, 2006)
Hotel Sokan, Matsushima-cho, Miyagi;


Nippon 2007, the 65th World Science Fiction Convention & the 46th Japan Science Fiction Convention (Thu, Aug 30 - Mon, Sep 3, 2007) [Updated]
Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Kanagawa; Guests of Honor: KOMATSU Sakyo, David BRIN, AMANO Yoshitaka, Michael WHELAN, and SHIBANO Takumi (Capitalized part of name is the family name. The first part of native Japanese name is naturally the family name.)

Ongoing Events

  • This listing contains ongoing events in Japan.
(Not available)

Outside of Internet

Resources outside of Internet about SF-related events in Japan.

  • Pages of ET CETERA on printed prozine S-F Magazine from Hayakawa Shobo.
  • Information for Readers in printed magazine STARLOG, Japanese edition from Take Shobo.
  • @nifty SF and Fantasy Forum (FSF) at "SF Fantasy Forum (FSF)" in Traditional BBS forums listing (in Japanese) (@nifty)
    Former NIFTY-Serve, one of older and popular BBSs in Japan.
  • Free news paper Maneki-neko Tsuusin from Maneki-neko SF Fan Club
    Fanzine. You can get their issues in many SF conventions and comic markets.

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