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Japan Science Fiction Conventions Listing - Completed Events (in 2004)

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  • This listing collects the completed events in Japan which were reachable on Internet or moved from Forthcoming Events and Ongoing Events.
  • In chronological order. Top is the latest.
  • Each entry contains: Event title, Date, Location (Site, City, Prefecture), Description, Web sites and email.


IFCON-4 (Sat, Oct 9 - Sun, Oct 10, 2004)
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo;
GATACON 29 (Sat, Oct 9 - Sun, Oct 10, 2004)
Yugawara-cho, Kanagawa;
HONGCONG II (Sat, Sep 18 - Sun, Sep 19, 2004)
Popolocco, Ouchi-cho, Akita;
``Da" show 4, Digitally vitallized art Show (Sat, Aug 28 - Sun, Aug 29, 2004)
Ichikawa City Cultural Hall, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba; A computer graphic art show hosted by the Electric Touch Art Club (a.k.a. eT Art Club,) a computer graphic oriented club. Guest artists are YONEDA Yutaka and HIROKI Mafuyu known by their professional SF arts.
CON-PACK, an one-night camp for SF fans (Sat, Aug 21 - Sun, Aug 22, 2004)
Taga House, Gifu, Gifu; An one-night camp style event for G-con attendees and other SF fans. Location is beside G-con. Non-attendees of G-con can join.
REFCON, an one-night event for G-con attendees (Sat, Aug 21 - Sun, Aug 22, 2004)
Renassance Gifu Hotel, Gifu, Gifu; An one-night room parties style event for G-con attendees. G-con has no program at night.
G-con, the 43rd Japan National SF Convention (Sat, Aug 21 - Sun, Aug 22, 2004)
Nagaragawa Convention Center, Gifu, Gifu;
Comic Market 66 (Fri, Aug 13 - Sun, Aug 15, 2004)
Tokyo Big Sight, Koto-ku, Tokyo; Japan biggest comic market.
The Japan Outrageous Books (Tondemo-bon) Award 2004 (Sat, Jun 19, 2004)
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo;
LORECON 21 (Sat, Jun 5 - Sun, Jun 6, 2004)
Seven Lodge, Hakuba-mura, Nagano; "Local Refresh Convention," Nagano local convention.
SF Seminar 2004 (Sat, May 1, 2004)
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Tokyo local SF convention.
3rd Light Novel Festival (Thu, Apr 29, 2004)
Nippon Seinenkan, Shinjuku, Tokyo; A new convention for a genre known as Young Adult in English-speaking world. Many Japanese authors publish their SF or fantasy stories.
Advanced CONTACT 2 in NishiHarima (Sat, Mar 27 - Sun, Mar 28, 2004)
Nishiharima Astoronomical Observatory, Sayo-gun, Hyogo; One day version of CONTACT Japan.
MU-CON (Sat, Feb 14 - Sun, Feb 15, 2004)
Mikawa Mu Valley, Mikawa-cho, Yamaguchi; Former KAKICON in Hiroshima will change the location into a theme park, whose attractions are arranged under the concept of the legendary lost continent of Mu on the Pacific Ocean, in Yamaguchi prefecture.


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