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"Capt.Line" navigates 「Kaiyukan West Pier ⇔ Universal City Port」

We believe that serious measures are needed to prevent additional coronavirus infection.
Now, we will start some practices to welcome our visitors.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

■Our safety measures
1. We ventilate it by the opening of a door and the window,in a ship and a waiting for place.
2. We carry out cleaning and sterilization regularly.
3. We display a wait position to leave the interval, and to line up.
4. We limit the number of people of going on board to avoid closeness.

■Notes for visitors
1. Wear a mask.
2. Please sterilize a finger and hand.
3. Keep appropriate distance.
4. Stay at home if you are not feeling well.

Kaiyukan West Pier Universal City Port

Ticket place of a log house is a mark!

Cruise may be cancelled as necessary for the sake of safety due to the weather conditions.

Capt.Line Ticket
Kaiyukan West Pier⇔Universal city port
You will buy at ticket station of Capt.Line.
Fare of Capt.Line Ticket
Rate division(One person)
One way
※One free under age of
 2 with an attendant
(Ages 13 and over)
(Ages 7 - 12)
Preschool child
(Ages 3 - 6)

Joint Ticket
Joint Ticket with Aquarium are as follows.
You will buy at ticket station of Capt.Line.
Price of Joint Tickets
Rate division (One person)
One way
(Ages 16 and over)
Junior high school
(Ages 13 - 15)
Elementary school
(Ages 7 - 12)
Preschool child
(Ages 3 - 6)

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