Sumflex - Cera Disc , Cera Point , Cera Wheel , Cera Block
Smooth sanding / Mirror finish !

  This product is an innovative abrasive produced by mixing special treated ceramic particles and rubber. The ceramic particle mixed in the rubber is always properly exposed to polishing surface to insure the high efficiency.


  * Save time and money by easy and quick operation both for grinding and polishing performance.
* Self-sharpening system provides new ceramic particles always exposed to the polishing surface.
* The exquisite harmony of ceramic particles and rubber provide you always fresh cutting edges without clogging.
* The flexibility of rubberized product performs smoothly to the work surface without causing much noise ,vibration and dust for comfortable works.
* More than 3 times the life of conventional rubberized abrasive.
* Water-resistant and oil-resistant .The operation with wet condition would provide you ever better finishes.
* Color coded for easy select.

For disc grinder

Available 2.34,3.0 and 6.0mm shank

Available from 18mm to 22mm diameter


Easy & quick polishing by hand operation

Best assortments for polishing job


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