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 It is said that the Japanese culture is a culture of wood and paper, and the Japanese people have loved wood and have maintained life surrounded by trees for many years. The Japanese woodworking machinery is the result of further development based on traditional technology accumulated over the years. The Japan Woodworking Machinery Cooperative Association consists of approximately 80 companies engaged in manufacturing, distributing and importing/exporting of woodworking machinery, cutters and related equipment in Japan.

 In order to contribute in the effective use of wood resources and maximization of value added, it is important to correctly relay technical information and to correctly understand the users' requirements. Based on such a point of view, we believe that the mission of the Association is to collect the latest information on woodworking machinery from all over the world and to disseminate from Tokyo to the many users in the world.

Japan Woodworking Machinery Cooperative Association

3|5|8Shibakoen,Minato -ku, Tokyo, Japan
The 39th Tokyo Woodworking Machinery and Green Industries Fair.
2014Woodworking Machinery World Fair
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