MMJP (Multi Media Japan) is a Web hosting service offered by ATSON, Inc.,
exclusively for the use of ASAHI Net members.

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Hosting your Web Site with MMJP
Hosting your Web Site with MMJP is done on a rental basis, that is, you rent hard disk space on our server. You're free to use the space as you like, and there is no restriction on the amount of space you can rent, so there's no need to limit your ideas. Anything's possible. You have no worries about having to lease circuits or maintain equipment as all technical details will be handled by ATSON.
How to Get Service
Our services are for the use of ASAHI Net members only. Before registering for MMJP service, you are required to have either an ASAHI Net individual account or corporate account. Note that the personal home page space that is included with ASAHI Net individual membership accounts cannot be used for commercial or otherwise profit-oriented purposes. MMJP is free of such restrictions. Note further that, at present, we do not officially offer support in English for MMJP services, although in practice we can give a certain amount of help on the telephone. All documentation, however, is in Japanese.

There are two types of web hosting service:

Type of ServicePrices (in Japanese yen)
Virtual Domain

Virtual domain service is a service that allows you to name your Web site with your own domain name (a name indicating your own company or organization), without the cost and trouble of having to set up and operate your own server. In this case, your home page URL will look like
If you have already registered your domain name with JPNIC, or wish to handle it yourself, that's fine. If you want MMJP to handle this paperwork for you, you'll need to pay 20,000 yen extra (one-time). Currently, we only accept Japanese (.jp) domains for this service.

Registration 50,000
Monthly usage (incl. 50MB) 15,000/month
Each additional 50MB + 5,000/month
JPNIC registration (optional) 20,000

You want to have your own organizational home page, but don't care enough about what the address (URL) is to pay the extra money for virtual domain service. In this case, your home page URL will look like
Registration 5,000
Monthly usage (incl. 50MB) 5,000/month
Each additional 50MB + 5,000/month

Those who are interested in virtual domain service for mail usage instead of, or in addition to, web hosting, should refer to ASAHI Net's SOHO Services.

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