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2017 June

Well we are half way through the month of June and while it is graduation day for many of you here in Japan we are in the middle of the first semester with a month to go. Needless to say it is warming up and the rainy season is moving our way. However, while the roses have disappeared from our garden, a variety of other flowers and trees have filled the space left. In June we hear of various religious related activities for our students: Days of reflection directed by a visiting priest/and sister; Insight session and investiture for the second year college students. At our parish there is ongoing preparation for those who will be confirmed in December as well as the Eucharistic ministers who will renew their commitment. To prepare for the future prospect of no priest to celebrate Sunday Mass, our pastor is holding a monthly study group preparing for a deeper understanding of the Para-liturgy which would be conducted by some parishioners.

The days and weeks fly by and summer will soon be here with all its gifts. Wishing you all a safe, restful and relaxing summer.

2017 May

Golden Week and beautiful weather. We are still savouring the wonderful visits from Sr. Agnes and Christiane. Thanks for beautiful days. We hope you are back in Canada time.

This week in Japan is always special as spring is well underway and we can enjoy changes daily. 3 holidays in a row with a couple added by many companies adds up to a nice week with family and or friends. Even in our community life, the speed slows down.

Wishing you all a beautiful and merry month of May.

2017 April

Happy Easter with all the blessings that come with this season.

2017 March 1

Ash Wednesday and Lenten Season

[Fear not, not discouraged!

The Lord your God is with you, a mighty savior;

He will quiet you with His love,

He will rejoice over you with singing.]  Zephaniah 3: 16,17


January, 2017

Happy New Year, and welcome back to Ordinary Time and celebrations for the Feast of Saint  Marguerite Bourgeoys, January 12. 

In Japan we are back to school and various apostolates that have been on a short vacation. Recently we celebrated the Associates and one member especially who has been with the program for 25 years. All members renewed their commitment on January 7.

I have invited members of the Lutheran Church in Fukushima to join us in praying for Church Unity at our monthly "Izumi and Budonokai" meeting January 21.


December 2016

Some special events here in December. Of course at each level in the schools, Christmas plays, concerts and in the city overall Christmas illuminations and music. At the parish decorations went up inside and out on the 11th. This week we will welcome relatives and neighbors to the convent on Dec. 23, the Emperor's birthday, for a Christmas lunch and on the 24th final preparations for the evening Mass and reveillon. Christmas day we will celebrate with our pastor after the Parish celebrations and later in the afternoon we will visit our three sisters in assisted living. Many sisters were baptized at Christmas and so we will celebrate them Christmas Eve.

In the background to all of this classes continue and those involved spend busy days keeping it all going smoothly. Here at the convent Christmas decorations are up and we have welcomed the elementary school children according to grades this past week to celebrate a prayerful Christmas in our chapel.

On Dec. 26th all signs of Christmas will disappear in town and nearby shops as the Japanese New Celebration goes into full swing. The whole atmosphere changes and folks get ready for a three day holiday. It is the most peaceful three days of the year.

So let me close here wishing you a very joyful Christmas and Happy New Year from the Sisters of Maria Province.



November 2016

October was a busy month as usual, so busy with the Official Visit of our new Provincial and  parish and school bazars that I had no time to update here. Besides the fact that I was in Canada until October 12,as I mourned the sudden death of my brother. Special thanks to all those who sent condolence messages and cards. They were truly appreciated by me and the family. Special thanks to the CND Sisters in Kingston who supported me through yet another family funeral this year.

And so on to November the month of All Souls. Each parish in Fukushima honored the dead by holding either a Mass at the grave site or a prayer service at the cemetery after the Sunday Mass which was offered for all the deceased. At the convent we list up the names of all those who have passed away this past year and include the prints of our CND sisters who have died this past year. This little shrine rests at the foot of Mary's statue in our chapel during the month of November and the bi-annual Mass for our deceased sisters will be on November 16.

The next activity was on the 11th as we held our annual Taize gathering. We were happy to share this precious prayer time with a number of parishioners and/or friends.

On this same weekend, Sr. Rumiko Matsumiya brought four young women who participated in WYD in Poland this past summer. These young college women shared their experience with us Sat. evening and the parishioners after the Sunday Mass. About 140 young Japanese attended and there is a great effort now to spread the good news about this event and prepare participants for the next one in Panama.

We are now preparing to celebrate CND International Day, the Feast of Christ the King and then move into the new liturgical year with Advent.

United with all in these busy days.



September 2016

Greetings after a very long break. Much has happened during that time in the CND. We are welcoming a new General Administration and an historic group it is. Central America and Cameroon will be represented for the first time as well as Canada and the U.S. We wish them a fruitful administration and assurance of our prayers. Of course we are already looking forward to welcoming them to Japan. We have never had CND visitors from CA or Africa. Very exciting.

I hope to keep you up to date on the various autumn events which are somewhat overwhelming. We must pick and choose which to attend. Respect for the Aged Day was Monday, Sept. 19 but we will celebrate our 80 years + parishioners this Sunday. The Elementary School bazaar will be the same day as well as a meeting in Sendai for Religious. We are stretched to the limit...

May the Angels come to visit you in various venues as we celebrate them in late September and early October.

June, July, August 2016

The editor of this page will be away so look for news after mid-August.

May 2016

We are renewing our vows May 27 as our pastor will be away next week. With that we will also celebrate at meals on Friday. United with all of our sisters worldwide on this occasion.  Wishing all a safe and restful summer.

Here we are already at May. Already plans are afoot for various opportunities to teach our students about Mary and her importance as the mother of Jesus, but also as the richest symbol we have of the sacredness of women. Let us keep in mind those women and girls who have been treated in such evil ways, they no longer love themselves. I also want to remember all those who are working so hard to bring an end to the slave trade of women and girls (boys too). Let us remember Mary our mother and the mother of all, especially those most in need. "Remember O most gracious virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection or sought thy help was left unaided..."

March-April 2016

I'm sure news of the earthquake in Kumamoto, Japan has reached you through the news media. A very large area as well as many families have been deeply affected. As we know in Fukushima, the recovery takes a long time. Fortunately the nuclear plants in Kumamoto were not damaged in any way so radiation is not a problem, but rebuilding and reopening companies that employ many citizens will take some time. At present many volunteers are there helping out as best they can. Service on the bullet train has not resumed yet in Kyushu. Fortunately Mr. Chouinard had completed his journey to Kyushu before this happened.

To know that families are undergoing the same suffering in Ecuador is heartbreaking. We keep all in prayer and are open to help in whatever ways are open to us.

The highlight of this year's Easter season was the visit by Mr. Chouinard, former CND Archivist. He carried the spirit of Marguerite to us and moreover to our faculty and staff of our schools. He made a deep impression with his gentleness and genuine love of St. Marguerite. May God continue to bless his efforts on our behalf.

February 2016

Today 3 of our older sisters who lived at the beginning of our history here in Fukushima shared stories from those days with our present faculty members who are new to Sakura no Seibo and have limited knowledge of how the school was built up. They enjoyed "soup and bread" for lunch in the spirit of Marguerite. We will soon have a visit from Mr. Chouinarde, former archivist for CND and he will share much of the history that he has spent many years collating in our archives. We are all much more aware of the important role of the archivist in preserving our history for generations to come.

We are fast approaching the season of Lent and there are so many helps to choose from on the internet. Here I will include a link overflowing with ideas. Choose one is my advice. Here in Japan we are in the midst of the end of one school year and all the activities that attend the season, graduations, parties etc. So we must make an effort to "keep Lent".  Wishing all a grace-filled season of renewal. 

Check out:


January 2016

We are also well aware of the opening of the General Conference in Montreal and our prayers are with our sisters there.

As we enter Ordinary time, my thoughts and prayers are with you. The Christmas decorations have come down and now we meet the adult Jesus who calls us to join Him in being the beloved children of God, His Father. What a gift we have been given through baptism.

December 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


June 2015

Here I am almost at the end of June. Don't ask where May went! We did have a splendid Golden Week and various other events. We sent Father Thomas O.P. off for his home visit to Poland and welcomed Father Aime Bolduc,Quebec Foreign Mission Society, the new pastor at Nodamachi Catholic Church. The annual Maria Festival at the Church was held on May 31 and now I'll update you on June.

On June 7 two elementary school children received their First Holy Communion. Both are members of the Sunday school where Srs. Reiko Yasuda and Sachiko Egawa along with parents of the children hold weekly meetings after the Sunday Mass. The two who received communion were so excited especially as now they can serve as altar girls!

Last week we welcomed Fr Jerzy's niece and husband-to-be next month in Poland. They are enjoying a pre-wedding honeymoon for two weeks in Japan as Monica has spent many months and a year here studying Japanese. After the wedding Monica will be taking good care of me in Poland as I shall be there for the wedding and an additional week.



April 2015

Happy Easter to all!

The school year is underway with an end to graduations in March and care for our dear Sister Kimura who died on March 29. Holy Week and Sister's wake and funeral took place in tandem. Now the Entrance ceremonies at each level of the schools are behind us and the students are back to classes. The cherry blossoms and tulips have given us hope as spring came early this year. A blessing to be sure. We have expressed our gratitude and said our goodbyes to Sister Marijke who is returning to Canada and on to France.

Now we are looking forward to a splendid Golden Week in early May...

February 2015

Here we are, ready to enter the holy season of Lent. Wishing all who read this page a fruitful season. There are so many sites on the Internet to help us celebrate this season well, that I do not feel it necessary to add. My recommendations would be to: Word On Fire and Pray-as-you-go. Both come easily on Google.

October, November, December 2014

Where did these three months go. Sorry for no updating here. As usual our life is much influenced by what is going on in the schools and parish. Sr. Nakamoto has been to Canada twice in these two months, one with students and another in Nov. to contribute to preparations for our General Chapter next year in Montreal. Sr. Kasahara invited the parish Women's group (in Canada we would say the CWL) to the convent to enjoy a different venue for their monthly meeting. A good time was had by all as time was spent interacting with all the sisters. Much laughter and chatter filled the air.

We also had a visitor from Cameroon. Colin has been studying at an Agricultural center not too far from here. His family has been very connected with our Sisters in Kumbo, especially his father has rendered great service to the CND's there over the years. Colin grew up in this CND atmosphere and I am sure he will follow in his father's footsteps. We enjoyed his power point presentation so much that the high school Sisters invited him to do a repeat for students.

Then most recently we entertained Marie Louise's brother-in-law, Charles, from Rwanda. He is the principal of the school which has been built since the genocide tragedy, mostly with funds from Japan. The history of that school has been modeled on Sakura no Seibo which also was built after WWII. We are looking forward to meeting some of the teachers on his staff next year.

And now we are into December. The parish retreat is this weekend (6-7) and the convent Advent retreat is next weekend. Remote preparations are underway for a Christmas feast and all through the city we are entertained with Christmas carols, religious and otherwise. Needless to say we hum along.

So this is as up-to-date as I can bring you at this time.

Best wishes to all for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



Safely back in Japan after a restful summer. My retreat at a hermitage in Newfoundland was a time of blessing. Visits with CND companions, family and friends brought a much needed renewal of spirit and energy. Thanks to all. Now it is back to the routines of life in Fukushima. The Sisters are slowly recovering from what was a summer of record temperatures and humidity. September as always is filled with many events both at the parish and in the schools. Respect for the Aged Day will be celebrated in the parish, Sept. 21 and the parish bazaar will be the following Sunday. The high school festival, "okasai", will be held on the 13th and 14th. Then the elementary school mini-bazaar will be on Sept. 27. Trips abroad this month for 9 college students and planning for an Oct. trip abroad for about 20 high school students have kept some teachers busy along with the usual school activities.

Supporting all of these activities is our prayer life with daily Mass and community evening or morning prayer during which we keep in mind all those who have asked for prayers as well as always for our students past and present.



Compared to May, this month has been rather quiet. Of course school busyness continues and now the rainy season is adding to our discomfort as the humidity sets in. The quiet of June will soon be broken as we celebrate our jubilarians.

Srs. Otaka, Tonari and Date, 60,50,and 25 years devoted to Maria Province, CND in a wide variety of situations. We praise God who has blessed them and thank them for these years of service to Mission. We are expecting about 100 guests in all so the preparations will soon be underway as I write this.

Finally, I will be in Canada for July and August, so this page will not be updated during my visit home. May all of us enjoy safe and comfortable journeys over the summer.



We enjoyed a golden Golden Week May 3 to 6 and the weather made it truly golden. Flowers are blossoming and as I write this the roses are coming into full bloom. However with such beauty around us still sadness has crept in. Sr. Kitako Nakajima became ill and was bedridden for what we thought would be a few days. But on the 7th she stopped eating and gradually weakened to the point where she could not stand on her own. This happened on Sat. and it was her good fortune that our pastor was in the convent on other business and after saying a few prayers, went home to come back with the oil for anointing the sick. So surrounded by most of us and with beautiful roses to admire, she received the sacrament and Eucharist, then we had to send her off to the hospital never imagining she would not return to us in good health in spite of her advanced age. She had been so well until the 7th. Last evening and today we held her wake and funeral. Since Sr. spent her entire life as a CND here in Fukushima and entered right after the war, she grew up with the history of Sakura no Seibo Gakuin as it grew up around her. She taught at all levels and was always in touch with graduates, so needless to say many were present yesterday and/or today. She influenced so many others through her various classes and sharing of her talents in "tatting". But most of all she shared her life with us CNDs of Maria Province and we will miss her dearly.

May she rest in peace. 



While the month began with entrance ceremonies at all levels of the school, our minds, hearts and prayers are with Sr. Gilberte and the two priests who were abducted with her. Tomorrow our Mass intention will be for their safety and God's care for them in this very dangerous situation. She and Sr. Juliette were in the novitiate with me and I visited Cameroon and Tchéré with our newer members group a number of years ago. Sr. Gilberte was the school principal and I remember her kindness in giving me her room in the convent while we were there. United in prayer with CND Sisters, Associates and our friends.

On a more cheerful note, our plum and cherry trees are in full bloom and the tulips are ready to show off their beauty any day now.


While we were sad to say a final farewell to dear Sister Jeanne Bosse, still at 97 she deserves to rest in peace. What a wonderful woman and sister she has been for all of us in Maria Province.   R.I.P. Jeanne

The season of Lent is finally here and we feel the challenge right away as graduations, farewell parties and such are part of the March rituals here. But we also see the tulips beginning to sprout up an inch or so.

I have posted some hints for spending a fruit-filled, grace-filled Lenten through Easter season on my Facebook page. I recommend If you have not yet heard of this site and Fr. Robert Barron's wonderful homilies etc. I recommend it with five stars. You can apply to have a daily hint for Lent delivered to your mail box.

Let us feel united in prayer, fasting and almsgiving as well as in praying for peace in Ukraine.



I spoke to soon about winter. We had two blizzards dumping from 50cm to 114cm of snow all over Japan. Today, one week later the city has finally started cleaning the roads many of which have been impassable. Thank God for the sun on which we depend more than usual. It is the best melter of snow we have in Fukushima.

As we sense the oncoming of Lent our hearts also turn to that season and preparations material and spiritual are underway.

So where did January go? Christmas season and New Year's celebrations were central and today as we mark the end of the Christmas season (Feb. 2 as I write this), let us celebrate "Consecrated Life" as well as remembering that each of us is a temple of the Holy Spirit and the Lord comes to us in Eucharist just as he appeared in the temple (suddenly) 2000+ years ago as a baby. We are so blessed in our Redeemer.

Our winter in Japan has not been as severe as that being experienced in so many parts of Canada and the U.S. as well as in Europe. As we enter February the hope of spring coming soon is with us.

Let us keep in mind and prayer and heart all those suffering as a result of wars in Syria and the protests in Ukraine. May the God of Peace come to the hearts of all who are responsible for changing this sad, sad situation.


No snow yet. We have many activities at home, in the schools and in the parish. I'll report on them later this month. Meanwhile, may you experience the joys of Advent and Christmas.


We prayed for the repose of the souls of those near and dear to us, CND Sisters, family members, our parishioners and friends who have died this past year. We also celebrated the Feast of Christ the King and followed it up with our parish retreat, Nov. 30 and Dec. 1.  Bishop Hiraga presided and his theme was from Philippians 4:4-5. Rejoice always. And so we once again enter into Advent.


This month just disappeared into history. With the return of our Pastor from Poland, all postponed events piled up at the parish: Respect for the Aged parishioners on Oct. 13, the parish bazaar on Oct. 27 etc. At the convent we relished our days with Sr. Lorraine Caza and the three days in late September of renewal in this Year of Faith. Then Sister stayed on with us for a couple of weeks. Sr. Terashima spent another week in October for her official visit. All in all, I did not get anywhere near the homepage. And now it is November 2 with a new round of activities.


Much has happened during my absence but the most notable would be the death of Sr.Tae Sawa in July. While Sr. had been ill for sometime, still her death took us by surprise. May she rest in peace and receive her reward as a devout follower of Jesus.

On an optimistic note, our new Kindergarten building is complete and the children are now enjoying their new building especially the indoor playground.

We are looking forward to a visit with Sr. Lorraine Caza this month as we wind down the Year of Faith but not our deeper faith gained over the past year thanks to much input via various media.

All the summer travellers are back safely and now we get down to post-summer humidity tasks at school and home and parish.


Before June comes to an end I want to share a wonderful site with links to many, many even more wonderful sites. Please take a look for You won't be disappointed. 

June has been too busy as usual and I have taken a lot of time with the Japanese version of this site so that I have given little English news.

Retreats are in full swing for young people in Kyushu and Chofu so please keep these young folk in prayer as they seek to fine out Who Jesus is for them. 

God bless all those who read this page. Have a nice summer. I'll be back in August.


Can't believe it is May already. We will soon celebrate Pentecost Sunday which is always a special day for me. I arrived in Japan 43 years ago on Pentecost Sunday and the first words I heard at Mass were (are) "The Spirit of God fills the whole world".  What a wonderful start for a new life. Join me in letting a new life begin as we once again appreciate all the blessings we have received and will continue to receive. May these days leading up to the end of the Easter Season bring us all to new beginnings.

I want to alert you to a wonderful site you may find inspiring as well as useful for study groups.

Take a look. You won't be disappointed. 

Mary's blessings on us all this beautiful month.





We had a beautiful Easter celebration and agape with five guests to enjoy dinner with us. During the Easter vigil 7 catechumens were baptized and we received them with great joy.



"Jesus, Remember me when you come into your kingdom"

This chant has been echoing in my mind all through the Lenten season and now as we move through the Liturgical Triduum towards Easter.

We wish all our readers Easter Joy in abundance.

March has been filled with all the end of the school year business, farewells, graduations and at the parish a retreat with Bishop Koda. Father Koo, S.J. provided us with a day of retreat in February. It was good to see him again after two or three years.

We buried the ashes of Mr. Minoru Endo, who has been ill these past few years. He has been a pillar of the parish for many years and will be sorely missed. His wife, a graduate of SSJC, is slowly recovering from her loss.


Wishing all a blessed season of Lent...


Lots of snow and cold weather but nothing compared to North America. January is a relatively quiet month though we did have our monthly "Izumi to Budonokai" meeting on the 3rd Saturday evening. This is an interfaith group and we are reading Luke's gospel this year. One chapter per meeting and lots to discuss and share. Recently a young man who has been at Taize and plays the guitar beautifully has joined us so we sing some Taize chants. Nice atmosphere.

We celebrate St. Marguerite with our associates and parishioners who wish to join us for Mass at 13:30 followed by a powerpoint presentation on her life. Tea and homemade donuts to bring us together in the dining room


Father Hoshino led us on our Advent retreat, Dec. 2. On Dec. 8 we buried Sr. Yokozawa's ashes at the CND graveyard on Mt. Shinobu after Mass at 13:30 which was attended by parishioners and friends as well as ourselves. On Dec. 8-9 Bishop Hiraga came to give the Parish Retreat and on Sunday administered Confirmation on 9 young boys and girls as well as 3 adults. At the end of Mass 21 Eucharistic ministers renewed their commitment for two years and were blessed by the Bishop.On Dec. 19 we had the sad news of the passing of Mrs. Sayuri Endo's husband, Joseph Satoshi Endo, who has been ailing for some time. Today the 22nd was the funeral and the church was filled with relatives and friends. His daughters attended Sakura no Seibo and Miki participated in one of the India trips. And now we are into the heart of preparations for Christmas. May God bless you all at this beautiful season as we remember how God kept his promise and sent us a Saviour, Jesus Christ, Adonai, Sprout of Jesse, Key of David, Rising Sun, Emmanuel.


A month that passed so quickly, I  hardly had time to breathe. The highlights would include the visit from Father Paul Glynn, Marist, from Australia, formerly pastor at Tomigaoka, Nara where our sisters worked for many years. We celebrated the Feast of Christ the King followed by our Parish Administration meeting for all. And a new liturgical year begins.


October has brought us much joy and sorrow. First the General Administration members spent this month with us and we were blessed in many ways by their presence, not the least being their encouragement and hope as we face so many problems as a result of 3.11.

Next we have sent Sister Monica Sumiko Yokozawa to heaven. Sister died Oct. 29 in the month of Mary as she wished. She had a very peaceful death and was blessed with the presence of her family as well as her CND family. Our Congregation Leader was here to bless and celebrate her life as next year they would be sharing in Golden Jubilee celebrations. Sumiko will be there in spirit for sure.


I am adding a personal note here as we received the news that our dear Sister Anazawa has more than earned her reward. What a beautiful person has moved on but not far away from us.  When I arrived in Japan 43 years ago in the middle of the night with only a phone number of our Chofu convent, it was Sr. Anazawa's voice that I heard first. That moment has always been treasured by both of us and words were never needed when we met to remind us.

May she rest in peace and be our intercessor through Mary to Jesus.

I am writing this on Sept. 14th Exaltation of the Cross Feast. Autumn seems to have overlooked Fukushima as we continue to endure very hot weather and no rain. Our garden is a sorry site. School is underway and the College will start classes Oct. 1.  Meanwhile we celebrate our seniors at the Parish on the 16th and look forward to the Parish bazaar on Oct. 7.

The biggest news though is the completion of renovations at Matsukicho Catholic Church. We have welcomed the parishioners to our convent since mid-June for Sunday Masses. While it involved a bit of work getting setup, it has been a wonderful opportunity for the parishioners to feel comfortable in our chapel and dining room. Most had not had an occasion to be with us in this way. We celebrated the First Holy Communion of 3 youngsters and 1 Junior High student. on the Feast of Corpus Christi. So it has been busy as usual but we are grateful for the many graces received over the summer.


May, June, July Where did you go?

We are now well into August and getting ready to hold the CND Maria Province annual retreat from August 17. Bishop Koda will guide the retreatants. Besides our Fukushima Sisters we will welcome eight Sisters from other CND communities creating a grand total of 30 participants. For those doing "benevole" we pray that God will bless them with extra strength. Classes begin very soon after the retreat ends August 24.

Blessings on what is left of your summer.


And so we participated in Holy Week and attended the baptism of two men, one at Matsukicho Catholic Church and the other at Nodamachi, at the Easter vigil, thus joining in the universal joy of new brothers and sisters in Christ.

Wishing you all a very happy and holy Easter season.

March 2012

March has come and gone with graduations at all levels of the schools. It has been a cold March and remembering last year's March and with it lingering victims, evacuees and the ever present but unseen radiation, we needed the hope of Easter.

February 2012

As we wind down our school year (and what a year it has been) we also are in remembering mode as 3/11 approaches. There will be a memorial Mass at our parish church at 2:46 p.m., the moment the earthquake struck and sent our lives into a whole new mode of living. Lent will be an appropriate time to be aware of just how fragile our lives are and the importance of living each moment of each day attentive to the inner Voice which is always there.

Wishing you a blessed Lenten season.

January 2012

As the New Year unfolds, all too quickly, we are experiencing the cold winds and snow of this coldest season. However we know the season is not so long here and soon we will see signs of spring. Tulips are already on sale in town.

The saddest image of this month is the open air where our former convent and kindergarten buildings graced the neighborhood for so many years, about 80. It takes time to adjust ones vision to what will rise from the ruins. Only God knows at this point and we ask for your prayers for the future of our schools. We hope "April is not the cruelest month".

The passing of Sr. Ekiko Kimura last week has been a wake up call for our dear older Sisters. Mortality is real. Sister's wake and funeral at our Chofu convent were impressive and well attended by family and friends as well as the Sisters, some of whom traveled from Fukushima or Kyushu to bid a fond farewell to a sister, dear to us all, and one of the pillars of Maria Province for so many years. May she rest in peace.


December 25

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 2011

The last few months have flown by and after my return from Canada in mid-September, our main focus was on the process towards the demolition of Marguerite Bourgeoys Center, the former Hanazono cho convent. It is with great sadness these days that we watch the interior being gutted and soon the outside architecture will disappear from our view. The time had come and the earthquake in March was the death knell for the building which has stood and accumulated CND history since 1932.

Many graduates and faculty as well as friends attended the final prayer service before the work was started. We were very moved by the response of many graduates and faculty who deeply wished we could change the decision, but it was a "fait complet".

We have preserved that history and many artifacts which will be arranged in an historical room in the junior college.

When it is finished we invite you all to come and see.

Best wishes for a Holy and prayerful Advent season.


April 2011

Since updating this page, so much has happened in Japan. Fukushima has become world-famous for better or worse. Our hidden, happy valley has been exposed to the world. I am sure most of you have seen the devastation on TV and know of our daily worries about radiation levels. What you may not know is that we have received countless messages of support from around the world. Graduates, Parents, Friends and of course our CND Family.  We know about children collecting money to support the recovery and those who have lost everything. Their situation will continue for months to come. Yes our world here will never be quite the same again.  I like to use the expression, the new normal. We have had to adjust our lens to accommodate the new realities, both psychological and economic.

Great East Japan Earthquake Tomoshibi Kai

Sakura no Seibo Sponsorship Program:  Outline

The Congregation de Notre Dame School Corporation

The Congregation de Notre Dame Religious Corporation



Great East Japan Earthquake Tomoshibi Kai

Sakura no Seibo Sponsorship Program:  Outline


The Congregation de Notre Dame School Corporation and the Congregation de Notre Dame Religious Corporation have set up a sponsorship program. It has as its purpose the healthy upbringing of children who have lost their parents in the Great East Japan Earthquake. Our objective is to use the facilities of Sakura no Seibo Gakuin Kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School and Junior College of the Congregation de Notre Dame School Corporation to educate these children who are to build the future of Fukushima and of Japan. It is our earnest hope that they may find meaning in their lives and develop strength of will, courage and love to contribute to the transformation of society as genuine persons of character.

 In this sponsorship program, we plan to implement the following projects.


1. For children who have lost their parents or guardians and have no means of livelihood, we intend to provide the environment of a warm family life.

   *This program is available to both boys and girls in the early grades. However, from junior high school onwards we receive only girls.

   * We will begin by providing care for 10 students.


2. These students will be exempt from paying entrance fees and tuition for Sakura no Seibo Kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School, and Junior College. We hope to provide them with an education that will enable them to become persons who can make a contribution to society.


3. For the emotional well-being of the children who have lost their parents/guardians and of the families who care for them, we will offer various opportunities for consultation.


4. 80,000 yen per month will be allotted as a support fund to the families who receive these children.


In addition, for this project we earnestly ask the warm support and cooperation of everyone in the following appeal.


1.    We are making an appeal for foster homes for these children. For particulars, kindly inquire at the address given on the back of this folder.


2.    We are soliciting financial donations to help the families who have become sponsors. A separate sheet outlines the main details concerning the fund-raising, but for further information, contact the address on the back of this folder.


Great East Japan Earthquake Tomoshibi Kai

(Sakura no Seibo Sponsorship Program)  Appeal for Donations


Sakura no Seibo Gakuin had its beginnings with the education of war orphans

after world War II. We are returning to our origins, and even in severe financial conditions, in each section of Sakura no Seibo Gakuin earthquake and tsunami orphans will be exempted from entrance fees and tuition. Moreover, as financial help to families who receive children who have lost parents or family members, this sponsorship program will provide a grant of \80,000 per month as a support fund for their living expenses. At first we want to begin with about ten students, so our financial aim will be about \10,000,000 for a year. Moreover, we estimate that this will be a long-term project lasting about 20 years until the children become adults and go into the world as worthy citizens of their local society.

Therefore, we seek your support for the inauguration and continuation of this sponsorship program, and your wholehearted cooperation as we solicit donations for the children who will need our help for their living expenses over a long period of time.



* We could not find a word to express adequately the many-faceted beauty of the Japanese word Tomoshibi, which means a light, beacon or torch.

 The word Kai means an association or society.

Amount of donation  1 unit of  5,000 yen yearly

                  * It would be appreciated if you could give more than 1 unit.

                    * We earnestly hope for the support of those who can make a

                     yearly contribution.


Range of soliciting    Individuals and corporations


Transfers     For financial transfers, please use the following bank account:

               Name of bank:  Toho Bank, Main Office

               Account number: Ordinary bank account  3682660

                 Name of account: Great East Japan Earthquake

Tomoshibi Kai

                                Representative: Keiko Shibayama

N.B.           At the present stage this Association is a voluntary group,

                 (not a registered charity) and so a form for tax exemption cannot

be issued. We ask for your support and understanding in advance.



Inquiries may be sent to the following address:


Contact person:  Ms. Soko Saito

Great East Japan Earthquake Tomoshibi Kai   Head Office

(Sakura no Seibo Gakuin   School Corporation Office)

3-6 Hanazono-cho, Fukushima City  960 – 8585

Tel. 024 – 531 – 6805      Fax  024 – 534 – 8891




Note: 5,000 yen is at the current rate equal to approximately 61 CAD, or 63 USD.

The Toho Bank is in Fukushima City. It may be used for donations in yen.

For donations in USD, please use Mizuho Bank, Tokyo

Account no.  9102435  SWIFT code MHBKJPJT

For donations in CAD:  Bank of Tokyo –Mitsubisihi UFJ. LTD.

Account  no.  1172583  SWIFT code BOTKJPJT

Religious Corporation Catholic Congregation de Notre-Dame is our name in the Tokyo Banks

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